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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baby bunnies! friend has talked me into raising mini rex rabbits.  It didn't take much to talk me into doing it so 2 rabbits and 4 wire cages later I was on my way.  Sharon has been raising animals for a very long time and I trust her in all my "new" animal matters that I add to the farm.   She told me that it was much easier to show and raise rabbits than boer goats so here I go.  At my first show in Conroe, TX my blue mini rex doe placed 1st in her class and my broken black mini rex buck placed 2nd and 3rd!  So naturally I had to purchase another mini rex buck!  This new buck is a black otter.  The terms blue, black, broken black, opal, otter and so on are color patterns.  With that when I say a broken the rabbit isn't is a color.  I think it means that the white is "broken" by a color.  With Bonnie, a blue (gray color) mini rex doe

and now meet Ace, my broken black mini rex buck...

My daughter has decided to name the rabbits and even though I do not have a picture of the black otter his name is Clyde.

Put them together and 30 days later you get babies!  Bonnie had 7 total, 4 blacks and 3 broken blacks.  For those folks who do not know baby rabbits are born without hair.  The momma rabbit will pull hair hair out when she is ready to have the babies and covers them to keep them warm.

In about 10-14 days they will open their eyes.   This one started the "eye opening" segment at 11 days old.  Now about my friend stating they were easier than goats.  Just put them together and you get babies...well each day she is telling me something she forgot to add.  Like the eye opening.  She said to be sure and watch to make sure that they all open their eyes or I will have to help open them with some vaseline to keep eye infections from developing.  What??  I told her no that she was coming over to show me this weekend if that happens.  Luckily they all opened their eyes.

With all their eyes open they start coming out of the nest box!  So cute!  Sharon told me to be sure and take the box out and make sure that I put hay on the bottom of the cage.  Why I asked her.  Well their little feet might fall through the cage holes and the chickens might think it's something good to eat.  What???  So there is plenty of hay on the bottom of the cage. 

So in about 6 more weeks they will be ready to go to a new home.  That's where I think it will be the same for me as raising goats.  It was very hard for me to sell many baby goats because I got attached to each one with their different personalities.  Sharon forgot to mention how attached I think I will be to these little bunnies!

That's all for now...come back soon!