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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rudeness to a new level

Ok...just this morning when I spoke with my sister I stated that I did not want to vent too soon on my blog but I am upset and just could not write the story about the 3 goats I had intended feeling this way.

I have had a booth at a local antique/resale shop for about one and half years and have really enjoyed being there and for the most part enjoyed the dealers and working dealers. But last November the shop was sold and the new owners have not decided what to do with the property. Well I guess folks insecurities and doubts started to flare up and a few of the dealers started rumors and remarks which totally changed the feeling of this once quaint, quiet shop. These 3 dealers made demands to management and when the results were not what they wanted their rumors turned malicious. They were told if they were not happy then they could certainly leave or be asked to leave if the malicious, petty rumors were not stopped. They decided to leave...but not quietly.

My friend Kim moved into a vacant booth and we were decorating and filling up her space directly across from these 3 "ladies" (ha) who were constantly belittling the shop, the managers, the dealers, the sky, the moon, life in general...well I guess you get the drift. They were trying to get a rise out management and apparately trying to damper our good time. I haven't seen such rudeness and immaturity in a long time. At times Kim would have to say to me to let it go and at times I would have to tell Kim to let it go. BUT then they started the belittling of the shop to the customers...this is the part I don't could anyone be so small and cruel to say demeaning things to "take" the shop down (as they so elegantly put it) to get back at the managers. What about the other 12 dealers who had nothing to do with this nonsense and who are greatly affected by this malicious action. Oh wait...immature, mean folks who have no other purpose than to cause trouble when they don't get their way. I can see the crossed-arm pout as they stomp their foot (like a 4 year old). But as Kim says...karma is a good/bad thing and they will get paid back.

Usually I can shake these things off but the pure hatred of one person in particular has taken her pettiness to great lengths which I feel will utlimately affect Dixieland. She has been calling the new owners, the city inspectors, the couple who are leasing the building, anybody and everybody complaining about the managers. And unfortunately I think her constant pestering will get her wish. At the expense of the other 12 dealers. How rude and immature.

Ok...thanks for letting me vent.

That's all for today...come back soon.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chicks everywhere...ok maybe just one

Today I would like to introduce you to my laying flock of hens. This morning was dark and dreary with the promise of rain so my pictures are not the best but hey...I just started so hopefully the pictures will get better.

I have had chickens for nearly eight years now and have had several different kinds. This last year I decided that I wanted to just have the Rhode Island Reds for my laying flock. I love the breed and the large brown eggs they produce. So I started selling all the hens that were not RIR and ended up with RIR hens and just one cross bred yellow headed rooster. Since I wanted to be sure that all new chicks would be RIRs I kept selling the eggs. Well the little yellow headed roo went to live with one of the ladies of the riding group I am associated with and is enjoying a group of his own hens about 2 months ago. That left my two nice RIR roosters so I decided to let some of the hens set their eggs. One girl sat and chick!

I have another RIR hen setting so hopefully I will have more chicks soon. We have two nice (I think they are nice) RIR roosters. One comes from old stock from someone here in Alvin that has been raising chickens a long time. This roo is very large and has a rose comb so we call him LC for Little Comb.

The second RIR roo comes from a lady that shows RIRs and places well with her birds. He was actually supposed to be a hen but surprise! I had another roo. I am glad though because he is very pretty. He has a large comb so his name is BC for Big Comb. He is the low man and spends alot of time running from LC. He almost died a about five months ago when he flew over the fence into our dogs pen and we found him hiding behind the dogs water bucket between the bucket and the fence. He was pretty beat up so I penned him separately from the other chickens and doctored him and just gave him a warm, dark place to recoup. I think he recovered nicely and stays very far away from the dogs.

Right now I have the 2 RIR roos and 12 hens but I am picking up 10 more of the old style, dark red hens from a local gentleman who really raises nice chickens and I want to make sure I had some of his birds. He is about 90 years old and his health is getting bad and he has slowing gotten rid of his goats, dogs, cows, horses, and now these chickens. He is a wonderful person and I know he hates giving up his animals.

My chickens are free range birds and enjoy the freedom of roaming around the 3 acres and roosting in the barn. We have a very sturdy 2x4 mesh wire fence with a hotwire on top to keep the coyotes out. We have lost a few to the hawks that come every spring but they are pretty sharp about running to the barn when the hawks are around. I have plans on my DH building a hen house so they will quit laying eggs everywhere. I love having them in the barn because they pick up all the grain the horses drop which helps keep the mice down. They also eat the bugs and snakes around the barn. I just love watching them because they are so fun to watch. Every day after dinner I go to the fence and call to them so they can get the scraps and any other vegetable I may have for them. The come running that cute chicken waddle run to see what's for dessert and it puts a big smile on my face

Anyway that is the laying flock here on our little farm. I have banties but that will be another blog.

Tomorrow I will let you know about these 3 ladies.

That's all for today...come back soon!

Monday, March 28, 2011

New adventures

Well here goes! My sister has been after me for months now to start a blog so I thought ok why not! She has a very successful blog titled "A Little Farm with a Big Heart". I live on three acres in the little Texas town of Alvin with my DH and many other precious babies including 3 horses, 6 dogs, 4 cats, and chickens (both rhode island reds and banties). I love my animals and I love antiques and have a booth at Dixieland Antiques here in Alvin. You can visit my facebook page titled C&C Collectibles and Antiques to see my items. I plan on sharing my thoughts, ideas, and just plan pondering on both my farm life and antique life with you guys.

For today I would like for you to meet Cyrus who is one of my newest adventures.

We purchased him about 2 weeks ago from a gentleman who was getting out of horses because of health issues. Cyrus had not been ridden for about a year and I have been working with him to get him past some issues. He does not like the bits I have been using so I am going to try a hackamore this evening. We have plans on making this my husband's trail horse. (Ok mostly my trail horse but that's what I told my husband shhhhh). He is a 10 year old paint horse and I sure hope he works out.

Well that's all for today...come back soon!