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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rudeness to a new level

Ok...just this morning when I spoke with my sister I stated that I did not want to vent too soon on my blog but I am upset and just could not write the story about the 3 goats I had intended feeling this way.

I have had a booth at a local antique/resale shop for about one and half years and have really enjoyed being there and for the most part enjoyed the dealers and working dealers. But last November the shop was sold and the new owners have not decided what to do with the property. Well I guess folks insecurities and doubts started to flare up and a few of the dealers started rumors and remarks which totally changed the feeling of this once quaint, quiet shop. These 3 dealers made demands to management and when the results were not what they wanted their rumors turned malicious. They were told if they were not happy then they could certainly leave or be asked to leave if the malicious, petty rumors were not stopped. They decided to leave...but not quietly.

My friend Kim moved into a vacant booth and we were decorating and filling up her space directly across from these 3 "ladies" (ha) who were constantly belittling the shop, the managers, the dealers, the sky, the moon, life in general...well I guess you get the drift. They were trying to get a rise out management and apparately trying to damper our good time. I haven't seen such rudeness and immaturity in a long time. At times Kim would have to say to me to let it go and at times I would have to tell Kim to let it go. BUT then they started the belittling of the shop to the customers...this is the part I don't could anyone be so small and cruel to say demeaning things to "take" the shop down (as they so elegantly put it) to get back at the managers. What about the other 12 dealers who had nothing to do with this nonsense and who are greatly affected by this malicious action. Oh wait...immature, mean folks who have no other purpose than to cause trouble when they don't get their way. I can see the crossed-arm pout as they stomp their foot (like a 4 year old). But as Kim says...karma is a good/bad thing and they will get paid back.

Usually I can shake these things off but the pure hatred of one person in particular has taken her pettiness to great lengths which I feel will utlimately affect Dixieland. She has been calling the new owners, the city inspectors, the couple who are leasing the building, anybody and everybody complaining about the managers. And unfortunately I think her constant pestering will get her wish. At the expense of the other 12 dealers. How rude and immature.

Ok...thanks for letting me vent.

That's all for today...come back soon.


Sharon said...

I'm so sorry that these few persons are ruining things for the rest of you. They will get theirs, when their ways turn on them. I hope that the ones they are talking to, will realize they are just trying to cause trouble for everyone.


AJ-OAKS said...

Okay my dear, sweet sister. I must giggle a bit first only because of our conversation this morning over the phone. giggle giggle.
It truly is amazing the depths some people will go to get what they have in their closed minds as "justice".
Sadly it is true that a few bad apples really can spoil the whole bunch.
But, if you think about it, they are the ones making themselves look petty, vindictive and downright stupid.
Karma is a bitch so you can count on it that these folks will get bit!
Oooops, sorry, this is a tad lenghty comment!
Love ya!

Kim said...

Yeah, this is not turning out to be a very good situation Sharon and Connie. I am afraid we will soon be having to find a new place for our antique resale. Just when we are really enjoying it and got things in just the right way around our spaces. We will prevail though!

Janet said...

As the saying goes -give them enough rope and they will hang themselves- you get my drift ? Hope you feel better now ?