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Monday, May 2, 2011

Perfectly good feed bucket - now it is

My goats are fed grain in their outside pen twice a day with hay inside the barn. Here is one of the 10 feed buckets that are lined up on a wire panel on the goat's outside pen. (don't know why the picture shows up at this angle but you can get the idea)
I was looking at the goat feed buckets and thinking while watching my OH work on a small banty chicken pen...which my OH hates because my thinking generally means more work for him...and I decided to do this...
with the results being this!

I bet you are wondering why I would go a put holes in a perfectly good feed bucket and it is because of these lovely ladies and their very hard, knee level horns. See how hard they look? Well they are!

I feed the goats on the outside of the fence because they think they are starving at feed time and even though there are 10 buckets they think there is only one bucket with feed so a calm moment of each at their on bucket
can quickly became this!

and it doesn't matter if another goat or a person's knees are in the way of the only perceived bucket of food is in the way. This works great when it is dry outside but when it rains - if it ever will it seems - the water would have be dumped before adding feed. Which means either trying to dump the water from outside the pen (with water ending up on your foot) or going inside the pen (bad move).

So...ta-da...the water drains from the bucket!

I really hate to admit that it has taken me a few years and a bunch of bruises around my knees to fiquire this out but's done now!

That's all for today...come back soon.


Jim said...

Great job! I am sure it will save a lot of work and save some $$$ too I bet.
Everyone seems to be raising goats! I feel I am missing out on a good experience.

C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

Thanks Jim! I don't know about money but it will certainly save my knees lol! I love raising goats and can't imagine being without a few in the back.

sophie...^5 said...

Once these small things come to could I have lived without this minor/major change! Cheers!

C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

Sophie how true!

Edward said...

Wow I had no idea that goats acted like that with food, it sounds like a good job you have got those holes added to your feed buckets, your goats all look so nice I really like goats but have never had one, I think it is probably because I hear they are very good at escaping their pen.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello!! Add me to the list of those that love goats! However, I know nothing about them, and learn from people like you who seem to have them all figured out! :-)

I hope you're having a good week!

C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

Yes Edward the biggest thing about goats is having a good fence. But they still seem to be great escape artists! I have one girl that will push a dog house that I have for shelter to the fence to jump over!

Kim thanks but they keep me learning something new all the time. I am having a great week hope you are too!

AJ-OAKS said...

I did the same thing with the horses grain buckets when we first moved into the old house before the stalls were put up.
Those holes sure did save a lot of extra work!
Your goats are gorgeous! I love their coloring.