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Friday, April 15, 2011

An honest moment

In the midst of dealing with most people in the antique/resale shop came a refreshing moment yesterday. With the turmoil at the shop some of the working dealers have quit "working" so I told the managers I would help out on Thursday's until they found someone else to work on that day. Most people come in the shop and even if the price is low - which I believe everyone at the shop has great prices - they want to haggle the price. Some do quietly but I have found most folks want to critique and a piece to it's smallest fault or get downright rude about prices or condition of the item. Anyway...everyone has an opinion. But yesterday a man came in and was looking at all of the paintings, prints, and wall art in the shop. He was very pleasant and I found talking with him to be easy. Later he came to me to talk about a piece of art in my booth. "What's the best you will take for this piece" which is the standard opening line. I offered him 30% off the watercolor print. I have had this print for a few months and was ready to move it. So he went about shopping for awhile longer.

He came back and ask me to come to my booth that he wanted to show me something about the print. I thought oh great...he wants to lowball me on the price. I thought nope I am staying firm on the price.

He starts to tell me with great detail that I had a etching not a print...ok. He took time to show me the difference between a print and a etching and the process used to do the watercolor over an etching...ok. And he wanted me to know I had an etching not a print...ok.

Well a short time later he came to the front desk and said he had an offer for me on the etching. I thought here goes the lower price offer. He stated that I had an item that was worth well over the price I had listed. He would give me the price I quoted him or I could keep the etching and go home and research the item to see what I really had and stated that's what he would do (research the value).

I was dumbstruck. I thought about the offer and told him that I really appreciated his honesty and because of that I would sell it to him on the agreed price. I told him that the way I see it the person I got it from got the price they wanted, I got the price I wanted and made some money, and because of his honesty he got the etching at a great price. Everyone happy. But most of all I sold the piece to him because he was gracious enough to be honest. It was so refreshing.

That's all for today...come back soon.


Sharon said...

Something you don't often see, an honest buyer! It is difficult to know everything about everything, one has to sell. Everybody was happy, but you may have made more money if you had known, but like I say, you just can't know everything. I once sold a jade ring really cheap, because I thought it was ugly, not knowing the true value until it was too late, but I didn't know about jade at the time.

Kim said...

It's refreshing to meet honest people. And since you proved your honesty right back I'm sure he'll be a repeat customer. You're a good spokesperson for Dixieland Antiques!

Cat said...

Good heavens, I think that he deserved a hug on top of that! That is so nice!


John Gray said...

have a nice weekend!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a good story and great way to end the week!! It speaks volumes about the kind of person he is, and YOU are too!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Well Hello There :D Found you on Sophie's blog :)

Read your April posts. Such a great blog you have created! Between the antique biz and all the wonderful animals I'm hooked!

Followin your tail,

PeeS: So glad you had a wonderful experience with the honest shopper. A win win win leaves such a satisfied feeling!

AJ-OAKS said...

What a nice guy! It was a win win for everyone.
And yes it is refreshing when you meet the 'nice' customer!
Love ya Sis!