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Monday, April 11, 2011

Saturday Garage Sale success

With the warmer weather comes the little signs at the roadside corners pointing to garage sales! My friend and I went to a community garage sale on Saturday to see what "treasures" we could find to put in our shops. Kim has just started her booth and we were looking for goodies to help fill her space. Spending her money was fun...but I found a few items that will eventually make it to the shop.

I found a silver napkin holder with matching salt and pepper shaker, retro vase/decanter, red scent dispenser, book "box" and wooden shoes.

I love salt and pepper shakers and I am always looking for vintage pairs. This one has the holder tree with the salt and pepper shaker hanging from the branch. The napkin holder came with the set. Love the detail.
The red scent dispenser is not vintage or antique but I will be reusing the red glass for a garden project. The book box isn't very old either but it looks like books and is a wooden storage box when opened. I will probably be using as a display in the shop. The wooden grandmother had a "dutch" scene hanging on her kitchen wall and these two pairs reminded me of her so I had to get them right? I really like the detail of the smaller pair.
Now for the retro vase...I love retro items. The clean lines of this piece really appealed to my retro senses. I believe this was originally a decanter but the stopper is missing so I can see this as a vase...imagine bright orange flowers! So retro...
Now for my most favorite find of the day...these pen and ink drawings of 2 arabians. I love the simple design and detail. These were draw by the same artist in 1978 and 1979 respectively. These originals will not make it to the shop anytime soon but will reside in the new guest room we are finishing up.
I truly love hunting for antiques and vintage collectibles and really enjoyed the company of my friend during Saturday's hunt.

That's all for today...come back soon.


Jim said...

You know who will love those horse drawings!
Look at all the stuff you found! I remember wooden shoes like that when I was a kid....Dad brought them back from the war in Holland.

You know it doesn't really matter what kind of camera you have, it's what you see. Some really good photos are taken with cell phones!

Canyon Girl said...

I got so happily excited reading this! I don't like to shop, but garage sales and thrift stores are so much fun. I love the drawings, they are just beautiful. Thanks for your kind comment on my diabetes post.--Inger

Sharon said...

Great items! Is the salt/pepper/napkin holder set sterling or silver plate? Would make a big difference in the potential profit! I think they are adorable! I like the horses too! Wouldn't blame anyone for keeping them!

Kim said...

I had a great time shopping with you Saturday. I think we both found some good stuff. I love my chairs that I got for $8 apiece! What a great find. That was a really good community garage sale. I wish there were more like them every weekend.

AJ-OAKS said...

First and foremost I LOVE the ink drawing. My kind of art!
You really do find some great treasures where you live.
Going to hang the ink drawings in the guest room huh? Thank you!!! They will make me feel right at home for when I do make it there to visit.
Love ya!