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Sunday, April 3, 2011

How does your garden grow?

About five years ago I started a veggie garden but working a full time job and some health issues I grew weeds instead! Here in the Gulf Coast area we have hard gumbo soil and sometimes the best way to have a garden is to have raised beds. I started the beds with one row of cinder blocks and added a flat stepping stone on the top. That was the last thing I did...five years ago. Now that I am retired I am trying again. I wanted the cinder blocks but for ease on my back I decided I wanted the bed two rows high. BUT the weeds were very well established. Since my son is now in the air force (he was my cheap labor lol) I had to hire someone to help. In two days this young man had the beds weed free and stacked two rows high! Look to the left and you will see the weeds in one row. My DH added the wood raised beds for me and I was ready to go!

So I got busy and planted away...

I planted straight-neck squash, tomatoes (one heirloom and 2 better bush) and cucumbers...

Here you see the english peas and green beans peeking through the soil...

I decided to use loose hay from the hay barn for a natural mulch and put some cattle panels on t-posts to help things grow vertical to make the most from the small space I have.

I have a four year old satsuma orange tree and this year I added a pink grapefruit and a texas orange (for juicing).

So now all I have to do is to sit back...and water...and weed...and nurture my veggie garden.

Just for fun I added these red knock-out roses last spring. So pretty.

That's my garden (so far) so back to my original does your garden grow?

That's all for today...come back soon.


Sharon said...

LOL! My garden doesn't grow, I have given up. Oh, I may be tempted to plant a tomato, but it will be a token effort. All the land does here is grow rocks. and it swallows up real bagged dirt like some kind of monster. So, I have thrown my hands in the air and given up.

Your beds look really nice and your plants look like they are coming right along!

BTW, my flooring is replacement for floor damage done by a pipe under the floor, just 1 1/2 year ago!

Kim said...

Your garden looks great! I didn't go with any beans or squash... maybe next year. We'll have to swap garden victories... some of your beans for some of my peppers or cantaloupe maybe? What are friends for? Your roses are beautiful. I need to work on my rosebeds. I got one pretty long stem red rose just today. That bush has the best smelling roses too!

AJ-OAKS said...

Very nice! I like it!!
If I lived closer then you, Kim and I could trade food! :)
Hopefully in the next week or two my garden will be planted. Have to wait until all danger of frost has passed.
Achoooo. Achooooo. I am sneezing at your rose bush. Highly allergic to rose bushes. Well actually it is the scent that makes me sneeze and get all stuffed up. xoxo

Jim said...

Our garden grows pretty well but not until June around here!
Looks like you are all set with yours. I like the raised beds idea....easier to get at and easier to manage too.
You will have lots of crops to reap!

Marie Anne said...

I'm still deciding what I want to put in and where to put it. I'll probably put a few tomatoes along the chicken pen to take advantage of the natural fertilizer - the soil there is very rich and dark.

Beyond that, I haven't a clue.